Nomination for GitOps WG co-chair

Cornelia Davis

Hello all.

I would like to nominate our industry and my Weaveworks colleague, Scott Rigby, to be a co-chair of the GitOps Working Group. I've asked Scott to share a bit more of his background with all of you - see below.

From me personally, I must share how delighted I am that Scott is willing to step up and serve in this capacity. I've had the opportunity to work quite closely with Scott and have seen his dedication to the technology user, whether it is in the helm community, helping users migrate from flux v1 to v2, or even in what this propeller-head sees as less technical (but probably is more tech than I give it credit for ;-). I place emphasis on the term "user" because I believe it exemplifies the spirit of community that permeates OSS. You can see in Scott's self-intro that this is nothing new for him - he is OSS to the core.

Thank you all for your consideration.

From Scott:

I'm a Brooklyn based interdisciplinary artist and open source software engineer, co-developing experimental cultural projects and emerging technologies. I co-founded the Basekamp art and research group in 1998 and the massively collaborative Plausible Artworlds international network. In technology I enjoy helping develop open source software that anyone can use, these days focusing most of that attention on projects in the cloud native landscape, including Flux and Helm – as a community maintainer and project org maintainer respectively. In daily decisions large or small, I try to help make the world a better place for everyone. 

My path to GitOps is a fun but familiar one. In the mid 2000s I found my collaborative conflict resolution experience and systems thinking from cultural projects also applied to open source software, leading me directly into DevOps as a way to bridge otherwise siloed development and operations teams. My focus began shifting from primarily applications to software that powers systems, such as Kubernetes. As a human operator in subsequent years, and as the rough edges in CI and other scripted automation for delivery became harder to ignore, I wondered why the application lifecycle process couldn't be as declarative as the underlying infra now was. GitOps became a natural next area of focus, prompting my move to the Weaveworks DX team, and contributing whatever thinking, communication or legwork needed for projects like the GitOps Working Group. With the interest and enthusiasm from such a broad range of parties, I'm excited to see where GitOps, as a wider interconnected movement, is able to go.

Cornelia Davis
CTO, Weaveworks
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