Calling for nominations for GitOps Working Group (WG) Co-chairs

Cornelia Davis

Hello community.

As I believe you are aware, the GitOps Working Group was formed late last year with the goal "to provide companies and individuals with the skills, knowledge and competency to implement GitOps tooling and methodologies which simplify the operation and management of infrastructure and cloud native applications" and care for the GitOps Working group sandbox project. While we've already gone to work on a number of initiatives, the time has come for us to elect co-chairs for the working group.

While co-chairs are responsible for ensuring that meetings and other activities are conducted and progress continues to be made against the WG agenda, this role is not purely administrative. Co-chairs will have GitOps domain knowledge and will engage deeply in the work being done. That said, chairs are not expected to do all of the work of the WG - this is encouraged of all members and expected from those who have volunteered onto various workstreams. The time commitment for a co-chair will vary from week to week, but will likely average out to be roughly a half day's work per week.

With this email I open the call for nominations for the co-chair positions for the GitOps Working Group. Details:
  • We are aiming to elect 2-3 co chairs.
  • Nominations are now open and will close on Friday, 19 March at 11:59PM Pacfic Daylight Time.
  • Nominations should be made by sending an email to this mailing list and should include a brief bio and personal statement describing the candidates qualifications to serve in this capacity.
  • Self-nominations are welcome.
  • Voting will begin at the close of the nomination period and will continue until Friday, 26 March at 11:59PM Pacfic Daylight Time. Details of how the vote will be conducted will be sent to this mailing list before Friday, 19 March.
  • Elected co-chairs will be announced no later than Monday, 29 March.
I will cross post this note to the #wg-gitops slack channel as well.

Thank you all.

Cornelia Davis
CTO, Weaveworks
+1 805 452 8941