Operator Framework questions

Gareth Rushgrove

Thanks for the presentation, I had a few questions and thought I'd
kick things off here.

1. Compatibility
Terminology wise, checking this is still the canonical definition from
a concept point of view?
I know there are several tools which help build operators
(kubebuilder, KUDO, kopf etc.), I wanted to ask about compatibility.
From a developers point of view these are all different obviously, but
what about from an end users perspective?

2. Relationship to Operator Hub
Chris also mentioned the intent to move the Operator Hub to CNCF in
https://github.com/cncf/toc/pull/303. Do you see that being under the
Operator Framework project, or under a standalone project? I think
that's interesting given the generic nature of Operators (as I
understand them above) and the Operator Framework as a specific tool.
For instance, can a kopf operator be added to Operator Hub today?

3. Relationship to Helm
As Helm is a fairly well established CNCF project, I'd be interested
in the relationship between the Operator Framework and Helm. How
involved are the Helm maintainers in the integration with the Operator

Regarding the Operator Hub point as well. One thing I feel we should
strive to avoid plays out in my mind like:

User: Where do I find applications I can install on my Kubernetes cluster?
Helpful internet person (HIP): Why type of applications are you using?
User: ?
HIP: Helm or Operators?
User: ?
HIP: Never-mind, do to Helm Hub and Operator Hub
User: Thanks! I presume these come from two different organisations?
HIP: Oh, no, both are CNCF projects

I know their are benefits to different tools and approaches under the
CNCF banner, but when it comes to generic descriptions (Applications!)
and end user distribution it's probably worth a conversation between
multiple projects.



Gareth Rushgrove


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