Reschedule several project presentation for SIG meeting of 10/09/2019

Zhang, Lei

Hi Sig App Delivery

The Chairs of the Sig App Delivery have to postpone several presenting projects to next next meeting as there're 6 projects listed in the meeting notes agenda for next meeting (10/09), which could take more than 2 hours to complete.

The projects we reserve for next next meeting are: Litmus, Keptn, and CNAB. 

And the 3 projects we keep for next meeting is (10/09/2019) meeting is: Argo, Operator Framework, and KUDO. 

The reason we select these three mostly because: 

1. The main topics of them are closely related according to The Model of Application Delivery
2. The proposed time of the selected projects are not the latest ones.

If you are presenters/owners of the projects and have any question (e.g. time conflict etc), please feel free to let us know, we are always open to change per request.

Lei Zhang (Harry)

Alibaba Group

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