Re: SIG App Delivery charter and chair interest form

Reitbauer, Alois

Hi everyone.


Seems there have been some comments sitting around for while. I am happy to help wherever I can.  Maybe it makes sense to get on a zoom meeting to discuss the feedback some time this week?


// Alois


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Date: Wednesday, 26. June 2019 at 19:35
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Subject: [cncf-sig-app-delivery] SIG App Delivery charter and chair interest form


Hey folks,


Alexis and I have put together a working draft of the SIG App Delivery charter which you can find here. Please comment on the charter document with any thoughts or questions you may have. We'll leave it open for about a week or so for comments and feedback.


If you are interested in chairing SIG App Delivery, please complete this form.


Looking forward to working with all of you. Thank you.




Michelle Noorali

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