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Lei Zhang


Always glad to have folks onboard to the App Delivery SIG!

> During POC, we got much questions un-solved, includes (not limited to): application delivery strategy, security issues, etc.

Application descriptor like Helm, CNAB, kubernetes-sigs/application and practices from end users are definitely in scope of the SIG, its the same case for the practices and patterns during app delivery etc. We are eager to see inputs/discussions around these topics!

As a start, I would suggest try to fit your efforts into the terms and model defined in The Dictionary of Cloud-Native App Delivery, this will help a lot for organizing the further discussions.

> And also we are considering to extend this to cover bigger scope of the lifecycle of application, for example to include SREs, operations, etc.

I can't speak for the whole community but personally I think the SIG has its main focus. Please check Section: Phases of Application Delivery which clearly listed 3 phases the SIG currently mainly focuses on. With this in mind, SRE may be related but not in main scope of the SIG right now. This could change of course.

Note that separating concerns of App Dev, App Ops and Infra Ops during app delivery is definitely one of the main topics for the SIG.

> Glad to see that all our questions and future plans are covered in this SIG, so I hope I can work on this SIG, to share our practices and to get ideas/solutions from this SIG.
 Now I am new and want to know: How can I get started? I saw the Slack is a potential channel for deeper discussion, how can I get invited? Is there any limitation/requirement?

Thank you for trusting and The Dictionary of Cloud-Native App Delivery is definitely a good start, feedback is always welcome! Also, please keep close eye on the SIG Meeting because it's where new stuffs will happen :-)

I don't think there's particular bar for anyone to participate the SIG.

For public tech discussion, I personally prefer mailing list since it's much more friendly for tracking and searching, and for long text as well. While Slack is efficient if you want to ping someone, so please feel free to join the Slack channel.

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