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Toni Menzel

Hey Gao,

sounds cool! looks like a good match. Welcome!

about slack: you can request an invite yourself at
The channel for this SIG is #sig-app-delivery which you can join yourself after registering at the cncf slack.
For this there is no prerequisite other than having an email address.. ;)


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On Wed, Sep 18, 2019 at 4:10 PM chunfeng gao <gaochunf@...> wrote:
Hello all,
  I am from Ant-financial(Alibaba group).
  Happy to see this SIG since its topics are closely related to my current work.

  We have done some related POC-work, includes
   - CRDs for our "cloud native application" definition and components (config, network, volumes, etc.)
   - Federated CRDs to describe application definition for multiple clusters
   - POC tools to support multi-k8s-cluster deployment based on above CRDs

  During POC, we got much questions un-solved, includes (not limited to): application delivery strategy, security issues, etc.
  And also we are considering to extend this to cover bigger scope of the lifecycle of application, for example to include SREs, operations, etc.

  Glad to see that all our questions and future plans are covered in this SIG, so I hope I can work on this SIG, to share our practices and to get ideas/solutions from this SIG.

  Now I am new and want to know: How can I get started? I saw the Slack is a potential channel for deeper discussion, how can I get invited? Is there any limitation/requirement?

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