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Reitbauer, Alois

Hello Toni,


Re: 1 - Contribution

First of great that you are interested in contributing. There is lots of work to do for everybody.


Re: 2 – Dev Experience.

I generally like the idea. However, there are more roles involved. I am especially thinking of SREs and operations related roles. That’s why we opted for a more generic wording.


Re: 3 – What’s next

  • The current working on the dictionary for app delivery is a great place to start sinking your teeth in. [1]
  • I don’t see participation to be limited as long as your fine that all of your participation is open source
  • We are early on the communication front. I expect Slack to be more about deeper interactive discussions and the mailing list for broader discussion. Time will show what works best for this group. It is a great point and we can put it on the agenda for the next meeting.
  • Right now we are still getting settled in. Expect to see more activity over the next weeks and months.





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Subject: [cncf-sig-app-delivery] Hello & Questions


Hey there,



I just discovered this SIG a couple of days ago, mostly rewatching the recorded meetings on YT (e.g. [1]).

Looking at the now final Charter at [2] the topics seem super close to my field of work and interest (of course they match ..;).

Even if I am late, would really like to help on this one!



Speaking of the charter, I am actually missing a key-word expression that I think describes very well to what this SIG does: It's Developer Experience, or maybe Cloud Native Developer Experience (#CNDX if you want).


Developer Experience is linked to the ergonomics that the ecosystem gives you. This includes Tools, Best Practices, Documentation/Learning Paths, access to support etc. To me this sounds exactly like what you described in the charter. What do you think? Do you think that term signals anything or just belongs on the pile of buzzwords ?



Now i am really keen: how do you work from here? Let me be straight with the questions:

  • Is there a place/working draft for the prospected whitepaper(s) already? Where would that go?
  • Is participation limited to CNCF members (rebaze - my company - is not a member yet) ? [3] says it's quite informal.
  • Where would primary communication go? I see the slack channel and this mailing list competing..
  • Are there other "working-calls" in this SIG other than the official ones in the CNCF calendar? Since the Github repo seems quite fresh it seems hard to get started helping out.. where would I need to go?

Thanks, looking forward to work on this SIG,



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