[gitops-wg] Co-Chair voting

Scott Rigby

Hi everyone,
This is a follow-up to the "Call for Co-Chair nominations" email sent on Jan 16.

Per GitOps WG Governance co-chair voting will also take place on this mailing list, and anyone listed in interested-parties.md at least one week prior to election is eligible to vote.

In that email, voting by maintainers began last Friday and concludes this Friday (Tomorrow). However, no one has yet voted on this mailing list. This is our first co-chair vote – I expect there to be more participation next time. Dan Garfield suggested we extend the vote until next Friday, Feb 4, and I agree that would give more of the listed interested parties a chance to participate if they wish.

In this round, Chris Short was the only nominee added by last Friday, when voting began, so this is what we will vote on.

My vote for Chris Short as GtiOps WG co-chair is +1, binding


Scott Rigby
Developer Experience, Weaveworks

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