Re: Application Delivery SIG looking for co-chairs and tech leads

wei wang

Hi, I would like to be co-chair position of the App Delivery SIG.

Regarding my proposal, I have the following reasons:

1. I am a senior architect of Tencent Cloud and have promoted the concept of cloud native as a CNCF ambassador. I hope to become a co-chairman and make more contributions to SIG
2. In order to reduce the development difficulty of developers in the Kuebrnetes environment, I created the Nocalhost project (, which is in CNCF Landscape and welcomed by Chinese developers, plans to enter the CNCF Sandbox in the second half of this year
3. I focus on the field of application delivery. I completed the writing of two technical books in 2020, one is "Istio Handbook" and the other is "Spinnaker Handbook" which is directly related to the field of application delivery. It is China’s first book write about cloud-native Application delivery, both books will be published in China by China Industry Press in the second half of this year
4. I have experience in the field of application delivery and participated in the development of China’s first Spinnaker SaaS service, which is currently serving hundreds of companies in China
5. I am the city partner of China Cloud Native Community ( and the organizer of CNCF ShenZhen community. I have excellent cross-enterprise organization experience.

Lastly and most importantly, I have more time to participate in SIG affairs and devote myself to the field of application delivery.

Thank you for your consideration.

Will Wang, senior architect of Tencent Group’s CODING DevOps (Tencent Cloud)

CNCF Ambassadors:

Hongchao Deng <fengjingchao@...> 于2021年4月8日周四 上午9:45写道:

Dear all,

I would like to self-nominate for this role.

I fully support the charter of SIG-App-Delivery and participated in the SIG discussion. This role would enable me to take more responsibility to serve and support CNCF and the SIG, specifically:

  • Organize meetings and engage in technical discussion. I would like to ensure smooth meeting with agendas and provide guidance to new participants.
  • Review proposals and bridge people. I would like to ensure the quality of proposals, and support TOC and SIG members to reach the end results as much as possible.
  • Support new ideas and drive for innovations. SIG-AppDelivery is still young with many new exciting ideas. I would like to identify and support the new ideas, and when needed form new WGs (e.g. dev experience and/or ops experience, interpretability etc.).
  • Discovering and reaching out to new projects in app delivery area, and onboarding them into CNCF. I would do my best to build a healthy community and serve it as much as I could.

About my technical background and community experience:

  • TL & Staff Engineer at Alibaba. Previously TL at CoreOS.
  • I focus on community growth. I am one of the organizers of Cloud Native Community China ( I have been mentoring the communities on technical discussion and organizational events.
  • I have strong technical experience in the Cloud Native Application area. I had been the co-creator of the etcd operator (first operator implementation) and advocated operator pattern to its maturity. I had lead a few critical features in K8S-SIG-Scheduling, K8S-SIG-Scalability. Now I am the core committer of OAM ( and KubeVela (

Above statements are my motivation for this role and my background in community mentorship. I hope to put my dedication to serving and growing the CNCF community in this role.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hongchao Deng

Staff Software Engineer at Alibaba




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