Re: Application Delivery SIG looking for co-chairs and tech leads

Hongchao Deng

Dear all,

I would like to self-nominate for this role.

I fully support the charter of SIG-App-Delivery and participated in the SIG discussion. This role would enable me to take more responsibility to serve and support CNCF and the SIG, specifically:

  • Organize meetings and engage in technical discussion. I would like to ensure smooth meeting with agendas and provide guidance to new participants.
  • Review proposals and bridge people. I would like to ensure the quality of proposals, and support TOC and SIG members to reach the end results as much as possible.
  • Support new ideas and drive for innovations. SIG-AppDelivery is still young with many new exciting ideas. I would like to identify and support the new ideas, and when needed form new WGs (e.g. dev experience and/or ops experience, interpretability etc.).
  • Discovering and reaching out to new projects in app delivery area, and onboarding them into CNCF. I would do my best to build a healthy community and serve it as much as I could.

About my technical background and community experience:

  • TL & Staff Engineer at Alibaba. Previously TL at CoreOS.
  • I focus on community growth. I am one of the organizers of Cloud Native Community China ( I have been mentoring the communities on technical discussion and organizational events.
  • I have strong technical experience in the Cloud Native Application area. I had been the co-creator of the etcd operator (first operator implementation) and advocated operator pattern to its maturity. I had lead a few critical features in K8S-SIG-Scheduling, K8S-SIG-Scalability. Now I am the core committer of OAM ( and KubeVela (

Above statements are my motivation for this role and my background in community mentorship. I hope to put my dedication to serving and growing the CNCF community in this role.

Thank you for your consideration.


Hongchao Deng

Staff Software Engineer at Alibaba




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