Re: Application Delivery SIG looking for co-chairs and tech leads


Hi, I would like to be considered for the co-chair position of the App Delivery SIG. 

About me:

I am a Senior Infrastructure Engineer in Spotify’s deployment infrastructure team. There I am responsible for our tooling to deploy services quickly and safely to Kubernetes, as well as our open source container orchestration system Helios. 

I have a proven track record of advocacy for open source software. At Spotify I led a project to provide Automated Canary Analysis as a service; for this I recommended Argo Rollouts, where I am active in the user community and have contributed additional functionality. In order to deliver this project I showed organisational and communication skills by organising, delegating and planning the required work and communicating the new functionality to the developers at Spotify.

I have also contributed to the CNCF sandbox project Backstage, integrating both Kubernetes and Argo Rollouts with this project as well as providing community support for end users. 

Here I communicated the changes with the community through detailed RFCs[2][3], ensuring that we were building an open source solution that would work for a diverse community of developers.

Before Spotify I worked at the Financial Times and was one of the technical leads for the adoption of CNCF tools like Kubernetes, Prometheus and Fluentd[1].

I believe community involvement is important for the development of open source software and I have given presentations about Spotify’s use of Argo Rollouts at the Argo Rollouts community meetings, as well as at CNCF End-User SIG DX meetings. 

As an end user co-chair, I would be able to provide valuable perspective about the issues the app delivery community faces. I would aim to increase visibility of the app delivery problems that users are facing, with the aim of forming working groups to address those issues with a diverse and inclusive input from the community.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Matt Clarke
Senior Infrastructure Engineer @ Spotify





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