Re: Self-nomination as a Tech-Lead of the SIG App-Delivery (Thomas Schuetz)

Thomas Schuetz

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 09:04 AM, Matt Farina wrote:
Hello Matt! 

Thank you for your set of questions, I hope that I can clarify some of them ...
I had a few questions I was hoping you could help with... to further dig into what you'd like to do...
SIG App Delivery is scoped with developing, distributing, deploying, managing and operating applications. It's more than the delivery portion we often think about. How do you see yourself being able to provide technical leadership in areas such as developing cloud native applications?
For me it's clear that we are not only dealing with the delivery portion, and as I said that I have a strong interest in cloud native delivery I meant that this is one of the topics which has my full attention at the moment besides many other ones. As you might also have read, I spent a lot of time in my professional life dealing with deploying, managing and operating applications, but also designing and operating IT infrastructures. Personally, I think that there is often a gap between infrastructure and application development and one thing I want to deal with is bringing these worlds together. Although I'm not the most experienced software developer, I think I have enough and a broad understanding about cloud native concepts and cloud computing itself to provide leadership in this area.
You noted...
I want to get Tech-Lead to help projects evolve, get more oversight about projects, provide ideas for new topic areas and give technical advisories for app-delivery related topicsI'm curious what you mean when you say "get more oversight about projects". Can you explain further? The context is that I'm a maintainer of a couple projects that fall under SIG App Delivery and I'm curious about the impact.
As a SIG within the CNCF, it's our main responsibility to bring projects together, but also to get ideas how they could help end-users. To achieve this, I want to provide more oversight about projects in the SIG's area. Personally, I also like the idea of demonstrating end-users, how multiple projects (especially in the infrastructure deployment, packaging, distribution and deployment scope) could interact and create value for them. Furthermore, I love to see new projects growing and will try to build bridges between projects and - if they want - could also help them building end-user friendly solutions. 
Could you provide some examples of technical advisories as you're suggesting them? I'm curious what you're thinking and how it maps to the work being done in the space.
As a Tech Lead, I think I need to have a knowledge-based opinion. Therefore, it might be the case that someone asks for advisory/recommendation, and I'll provide this in the best way possible. As I stated in my nomination, I like experimenting and learning. I'm not afraid of trying things out, and providing the configurations and results to the community. On the other hand there might be topics which are not in my area of expertise. In such cases I will connect the right people, find a solution together and provide the results to the community. 

Best, Thomas

On Thu, Mar 25, 2021, at 6:01 AM, Thomas Schuetz via wrote:
I’m very excited to nominate myself as Tech-Lead for the CNCF SIG App-Delivery.
I am working as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Dynatrace and have a strong technical interest in container technologies and cloud native application delivery. In the last two decades, I worked in various systems administration and operations roles, but also worked as an operations lead before I switched back to more hands-on technical roles and (re-)discovered my enthusiasm for cloud-native and infrastructure automation related topics. I like to learn new things and working with emerging technologies, so I’m currently building lots of prototypes to discover new possibilities to solve delivery related problems.
Last year, I joined the SIG App Delivery and drove the progress of the Operator Working Group. This year, I became a co-chair of the WG and like to work with the community on the common goal of creating an operator white paper. I want to get Tech-Lead to help projects evolve, get more oversight about projects, provide ideas for new topic areas and give technical advisories for app-delivery related topics.
Thanks in advance for your consideration!
Best, Thomas

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