Self-nomination as a Tech-Lead of the SIG App-Delivery (Thomas Schuetz)

Thomas Schuetz


I’m very excited to nominate myself as Tech-Lead for the CNCF SIG App-Delivery.
I am working as a Senior Cloud Engineer at Dynatrace and have a strong technical interest in container technologies and cloud native application delivery. In the last two decades, I worked in various systems administration and operations roles, but also worked as an operations lead before I switched back to more hands-on technical roles and (re-)discovered my enthusiasm for cloud-native and infrastructure automation related topics. I like to learn new things and working with emerging technologies, so I’m currently building lots of prototypes to discover new possibilities to solve delivery related problems.
Last year, I joined the SIG App Delivery and drove the progress of the Operator Working Group. This year, I became a co-chair of the WG and like to work with the community on the common goal of creating an operator white paper. I want to get Tech-Lead to help projects evolve, get more oversight about projects, provide ideas for new topic areas and give technical advisories for app-delivery related topics.

Thanks in advance for your consideration!

Best, Thomas


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