Application Delivery SIG looking for co-chairs and tech leads

Reitbauer, Alois

Hello everyone.


A lot has happened in the application delivery SIG since it started. As times changes people’s obligations change as well. Bryan is busy in his new and exciting role and Harry was voted into the TOC. This leaves two open seats for co chairs in the app delivery SIG.


Just as a refresher you can find the charter of the working group here [1]


If you are interested what chairs are doing, I recommend the to read this [2]. Basically, chairs are ensuring the smooth operation of the SIG. This includes:


  • Ensuring proper meetings with agenda, engaging with projects, …
  • Steering and directing discussion between members.
  • Identifying new needs – for example for working groups – and helping to establish them
  • Supporting the TOC on project due diligence for projects in the scope of the SIG.


For SIG App delivery we are looking for co-chairs that also bring a strong technical expertise and good understand of how open source and cross company collaboration works. This is not an organizational role only. We are also looking for co-chairs from end user organizations. We also believe that the SIG profits from a wide area of expertise and an inclusive mindset.


If you are interested or want to nominate somebody, please reply to this thread and introduce them/yourself. We will close the nomination on April 9th.


If you want to take a leading role but want to focus more on a technical level without organizational responsibilities you can also apply for a tech lead role.


If you have any questions feel free to also reach out to me directly either via email (might take a bit longer) or Slack (CET++ business hours)


Alois for the SIG App Delivery chairs.





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