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Cornelia Davis


While the working group was the initial idea, we quickly came to the conclusion that we needed a project that would outlive the WG. So it is that the WG supports the project, not the other way around. In fact, if you have a listen to the sandbox review of Jan 26, where the GitOps sandbox project was approved by the TOC, the members expressed some concern with having a sandbox project with "working group" in the name - the ultimately suggested that when the time was right, that concern would be addressed. That is exactly what we are doing right now. As Scott summarized here, we have general consensus that this renaming reduces confusion. 


On Mon, 22 Mar 2021 at 01:23, Reitbauer, Alois via <> wrote:

Initially this was planned as a supporting project for working group. Now you want to keep them separated. This is more than confusing and weird ….


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Subject: [cncf-sig-app-delivery] [gitops-wg] Sandbox project name change

📣🚧 Hi everyone! What's in a name?

What: We have loose consensus on OpenGitOps for the sandbox project name. This is to help distinguish the lasting project from the GitOps Working Group (a WG under SIG Apps Delivery).

When: 5PM EST Today (Friday Mar 19). It's important to get this sorted before sending out detailed info about the Working Group (e.g., for GitOpsCon EU 2021 communications). The Sandbox project name change proposal has been up for two weeks, has been discussed in the GitOps Working Group meetings, and in slack.

How: Please respond to the GitHub discussion for transparency (emoji reactions also very welcome! ❤️). If there are any strong objections to that name, please describe why there as well (no bikeshedding please). Reminder: this is a vendor-neutral, community movement that everyone has a chance to participate in. We're all very excited to keep the momentum going. Thanks! 🚀



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