Nomination / Co-chair for the GitOps Working Group

Shoubhik Bose <shbose@...>

Self-nomination: Shoubhik Bose

I am an upstream engineer,  CI/CD & GitOps Engineering architect at Red Hat (Boston) and  member of the steering/bootstrap committee of the Argo Project[1]. 

I'm a co-creator of the Service Binding Operator project[2] and the Shipwright Build framework[3], aimed at providing a framework for building images on Kubernetes. 

As a co-chair of the GitOps Working group, I will help build a psychologically safe environment for  participants to engage in. I will help drive a consensus-based, open and inclusive decision-making process. I will set up a scalable communication infrastructure to ensure every opinion is heard and provided closure on.

The success of the GitOps Working group lies in us finding pragmatic solutions for developers and operators in the cloud-native context. As a co-chair, I will ensure the working group becomes a model for organizations to engage in competitive collaboration. 

Shoubhik Bose

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