Addendum - GitOps Working Group Co-chair self nomination (Leonardo Murillo)

Leonardo Murillo <leonardo@...>

Hi Community,

I'd like to provide an addendum to my nomination to further elaborate on the relevance of GitOps specifically in terms of my reach and career:

- I've lead the implementation of Kubernetes Native GitOps Solution for 5G Telco Operators, as presented to the ArgoCD Community (
- I'm a vocal promoter of GitOps in Latin America, extending the reach of the operating model to under-represented participants in the ecosystem (KCD El Salvador: - CNCF Community Costa Rica:
- I actively share knowledge in social media and blog related to GitOps in practical use cases (
- I continue to actively promote the GitOps capabilities in cloud native related events (

GitOps represents the evolution of continuous delivery and will become a natural next step in the operating model for cloud native organizations, and is one of the primary areas of focus of my consulting practice.


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