[gitops-wg] Sandbox project name change

Scott Rigby

📣🚧 Hi everyone! What's in a name?

What: We have loose consensus on OpenGitOps for the sandbox project name. This is to help distinguish the lasting project from the GitOps Working Group (a WG under SIG Apps Delivery).

When: 5PM EST Today (Friday Mar 19). It's important to get this sorted before sending out detailed info about the Working Group (e.g., for GitOpsCon EU 2021 communications). The Sandbox project name change proposal has been up for two weeks, has been discussed in the GitOps Working Group meetings, and in slack.

How: Please respond to the GitHub discussion for transparency (emoji reactions also very welcome! ❤️). If there are any strong objections to that name, please describe why there as well (no bikeshedding please). Reminder: this is a vendor-neutral, community movement that everyone has a chance to participate in. We're all very excited to keep the momentum going. Thanks! 🚀

Scott Rigby
Developer Experience, Weaveworks

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