Re: Operator Working Group chair(s)

Reitbauer, Alois

Having seen both of them drive this forward I think this is good idea and values their commitment. I would still ask whether there are other who are interested in chairing the working group. Just want to give everybody a chance to speak up.


// Alois


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Hi everyone,

When the App Delivery Operator working group was formed, Gerred Dillon and I volunteered as co-chairs to lead the discussion and drive toward a draft of an operator definition. The meeting cadence and activity slowed down considerable over the summer. Recently, Thomas Schuetz and Omer Kahani have stepped up and taken over the management of this WG and have been leading the efforts to get a draft of the operator definition together.

I'm recommending that Thomas and Omer become the new chairs of the Operator working group, replacing Gerred Dillon and myself. The recent progress in advancing the definition has been led by Omer and Thomas and they've graciously offered to assume the role and continue leading this working group.

Thank you,
Marc Campbell

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