[PROPOSAL] Kafka Node Pools

Jakub Scholz

I opened a new Strimzi proposal which is about Kafka Node Pools => node pools provide a mechanism on how to run different sets of Kafka nodes with different configurations. It has quite a significant impact on how the custom resources will look and work. It should also provide new features - such as scaling-down brokers with any broker ID or better KRaft support. An aso provide basis for future improvements such as for example better autoscaling. If you are interested, feel free to check the proposal and comment on it here or on the PR. You can also check some demo videos of my prototype to better understand how would it look like in practice:

* With ZooKeeper: https://youtu.be/KznxXsQNlq8
* In KRaft mode: https://youtu.be/_yx-0IWNsHc 

Thanks & Regards