Are you using Strimzi in Production? Let us know!

Jakub Scholz

Are you using Strimzi in production? Are you satisfied with it? Let us and everyone else know about it and add your logo to our website and your name to our list of adopters.


Strimzi lists its adopters in two places. We have a list of logos of our users on our website. And we also have an file in our main GitHub repository which has a list of our adopters together with links to their websites or some more detailed information about how they use Strimzi. If you use Strimzi in production, you can add your organization to one or both of these places.


Having our users listed on the website or in the adopters list is important for multiple reasons:

  • It shows other users that Strimzi is used in production and that they don’t have to be afraid to use it.

  • It shows others that your organization is using modern software and technologies.

  • We put a lot of effort into the community. Having you listed on our website and in the adopters list is a way to contribute back, reward the community and a form of “thank you”.


It’s easy.

To add your logo to the website, you can open a PR against our website GitHub repository: You just need to add the logo - we can then take care of tuning the design and the page layout. You can check out these two PRs as examples:

Adding your organization to the list is similarly easy. You can just open a PR against the GitHub repository and edit the file. You can do it directly in your browser by pressing the edit button. As with the logo, you have to open the PR, but we can of course help you with it if needed.

Ideally, you should add your organization to both places. But if it is for some reason not possible - for example because you cannot use the organization logo - it's fine to do it only in one of them.


Q: I need you to sign some legal documents before I can add our logo to your website.

A: Unfortunately, we cannot sign any legal documents. While we as Strimzi maintainers are always happy to give autographs to our users, Strimzi as an open-source community is not a legal entity which can sign some documents.