[ANNOUNCE] [RELEASE] Strimzi Kafka Bridge 0.25.0

Paolo Patierno

New version 0.25.0 of Strimzi Kafka Bridge has been released.

### Main Changes since 0.24.0

* Fixed printing operation log at the proper logging level.
* Fixed sending messages with headers to the `sendToPartition` endpoint.
* Added missing validation on the `async` query parameter for sending operations in the OpenAPI v3 specification.
* Fixed memory calculation by using JVM so taking cgroupv2 into account.
* Dependency updates (Vert.x 4.3.8, Netty 4.1.87 to align with Vert.x, Kafka 3.4.0, OpenTelemetry 1.19.0)
* Added feature to unsubscribe topics by executing a subscribe or assign request with an empty topics list.
* Strimzi OAuth updated to 0.12.0 with support for automatic retries during authentication and token validation.

For more details, go to https://github.com/strimzi/strimzi-kafka-bridge/releases/tag/0.25.0

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!
Strimzi team

Paolo Patierno
Senior Principal Software Engineer @ Red Hat
Microsoft MVP on Azure

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