[ANNOUNCE] [RELEASE] Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.33.0

Jakub Scholz

Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.33.0 has been released. 

The main changes in this release include:
* Support for Kafka 3.3.2
* Automatic restarts of failed Connect or Mirror Maker 2 connectors
* Redesign of Strimzi User Operator to improve its scalability
* Move to Java 17
* Improved FIPS support

If you use Ingress listener with mTLS authentication, please check the known issues section as well!

This release supports Kubernetes 1.19 and newer. Direct upgrade from Strimzi 0.22 or earlier is not supported anymore.

For more details about this release and installation files, go to https://github.com/strimzi/strimzi-kafka-operator/releases/tag/0.33.0

You can also check a video about the main new features on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/CclPi4zp7Cs. Check out also the blog posts covering some of the new features at https://strimzi.io/blog/.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release!

Thanks & Regards
Strimzi team