Strimzi OpenTelemetry support moving from Jaeger to OLTP exporter

Paolo Patierno

Hi all,
The current 0.32.0 operator and 0.22.3 bridge releases have OpenTelemetry support by using the Jaeger exporter by default.
This exporter needs a Jaeger endpoint to send traces to.
OpenTelemetry project encourages use of the OLTP exporter and will deprecate and remove the Jaeger exporter in the future.
For this reason, the Strimzi project is going to move from the Jaeger exporter to the OTLP exporter for the next releases.
In order to use it, the minimum version of the Jaeger backend has to be 1.35 because it's the first version exposing an OLTP endpoint for getting traces from such an OLTP exporter.
When the migration is done, Strimzi users can still use the Jaeger exporter if they want by building their own image with the opentelemetry-exporter-jaeger library and setting OTEL_TRACES_EXPORTER=jaeger environment variable.

The Strimzi Team

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