[ANNOUNCE] [RELEASE] Mirror Maker 2 Extensions 1.2.0, EnvVar Configuration Provider 1.0.0 and Kubernetes Configuration Provider 1.0.0

Jakub Scholz

New versions of Mirror Maker 2 Extensions, EnvVar Configuration Provider and Kubernetes Configuration Provider have been released.

The biggest change involves the Mirror Maker 2 Extensions. The Strimzi Identity Replication Policy is now deprecated and all users of Kafka 3.0.0 and higher are recommended to update their configurations and use the Identity Replication Policy which is directly part of the Apache Kafka project. The 1.2.0 release of the Mirror Maker 2 Extensions is used for backwards compatibility and provides the same behaviour as the Kafka policy but using the original Strimzi class name. The Config Provider releases contain minor improvements and dependency updates. For more details, visit the release pages of each project:

* Mirror Maker 2 Extensions: https://github.com/strimzi/mirror-maker-2-extensions/releases/tag/1.2.0
* Kafka EnvVar Configuration Providerhttps://github.com/strimzi/kafka-env-var-config-provider/releases/tag/1.0.0
* Kafka Kubernetes Configuration Providerhttps://github.com/strimzi/kafka-kubernetes-config-provider/releases/tag/1.0.0

Thanks to everyone who contributed to any of these releases!

Strimzi team