[ANNOUNCE] [RELEASE] Strimzi Test Container Operators 0.100.0

Maros Orsak

Strimzi Test Container 0.100.0 has been released. Main changes since 0.25.0 release include:
-   adds a variety of options how to configure broker to run Strimzi Kafka container:
  • with a specific Kafka version
  • with additional configuration
  • on a fixed port
  • with a custom server.properties file
  • with custom bootstrap servers
  • with custom Kafka image specified by System property
  • with KRaft (KIP-500) - supported from `Kafka 3.0.0`
  • allow specifying docker image by StrimziKafkaContainer constructor
-   adds Kafka 3.1.0 and solves the problem with KRaft (adding new listener CONTROLLER)
-   restriction KRaft for Kafka 2.8.1 (for using KRaft you need at least 3.0.0 Kafka version)
-   added parameterized test cases
-   adds support for ARM64 and s390x architectures
-   using pure [Kafka binaries](https://dlcdn.apache.org/kafka/) instead of using strimzi-kafka-operator built kafka images.
-   adds image for new Kafka 3.1.0
-   (Experimental) support for multi-node setup

Best regards,

Maroš Orsák

Quality Engineer - AMQ Streams

Red Hat