[ANNOUNCE] [Release Candidate] Strimzi test containers 0.100.0 is out

Maros Orsak

Release candidate 1 of Strimzi test containers 0.100.0 is now available for testing. The main changes since version 0.25.0 are many options how to configure broker to run Strimzi Kafka container:
  • with a specific Kafka version 
  • with additional configuration
  • on a fixed port 
  • with KRaft (KIP-500)
  • with a custom server.properties file
  • with custom bootstrap servers
  • with custom Kafka image
  • adds support for ARM64 and s390x architectures
  • (Experimental) support for multi-node setup
Maven artefacts

To test the Maven artefacts which are part of this release, use the staging repository by including the following in your pom.xml
Images used by Strimzi test container

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Maroš Orsák

Quality Engineer - AMQ Streams

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