RC1 of Strimzi Operators 0.22.0

Jakub Scholz

Release Candidate 1 of Strimzi Operators 0.22.0 is now available for testing with a lot of changes and improvements. 

This release introduces new API version `v1beta2` to all Strimzi custom resources. This is a preparation for migration to `apiextensions/v1` which is needed because Kubernetes 1.22 will remove support for `apiextensions/v1beta1`. Migration to `v1beta2` needs to be completed for all Strimzi CRDs and CRs after the upgrade to 0.22 is done and before upgrading to Strimzi 0.23 which will support only Strimzi `v1beta2` APIs and `apiextensions/v1` CRDs. For more details about the CRD upgrades, see the documentation: https://strimzi.io/docs/operators/master/deploying.html#assembly-upgrade-resources-str

The main changes since the 0.21 release include:
* Add `v1beta2` version for all resources. `v1beta2` removes all deprecated fields.
* Add annotations that enable the operator to restart Kafka Connect connectors or tasks. The annotations can be applied to the KafkaConnector and the KafkaMirrorMaker2 custom resources.
* Add additional configuration options for the Kaniko executor used by the Kafka Connect Build on Kubernetes
* Add support for JMX options configuration of all Kafka Connect (KC, KC2SI, MM2)
* Update Strimzi Kafka OAuth to version 0.7 and add support for new features:
    * OAuth authentication over SASL PLAIN mechanism
    * Checking token audience
    * Validating tokens using JSONPath filter queries to perform custom checks
* Fix Cruise Control crash loop when updating container configurations
* Configure external logging `ConfigMap` name and key.
* Add support for configuring labels and annotations in ClusterRoleBindings created as part of Kafka and Kafka Connect clusters
* Add support for Ingress v1 in Kubernetes 1.19 and newer
* Add support for Kafka 2.6.1
* List topics used by a Kafka Connect connector in the `.status` section of the `KafkaConnector` custom resource
* Bump Cruise Control to v2.5.37 for Kafka 2.7 support. Note this new version of Cruise Control uses `Log4j 2` and is supported by dynamic logging configuration (where logging properties are defined in a ConfigMap). However, existing `Log4j` configurations must be updated to `Log4j 2` configurations.
* Support pausing reconciliation of CR with annotation `strimzi.io/pause-reconciliation`

There are also several deprecations and removals. For more details and installation files, go to https://github.com/strimzi/strimzi-kafka-operator/releases/tag/0.22.0-rc1

Any feedback can be provided on the Strimzi mailing list, on the #strimzi Slack channel on CNCF Slack or as a GitHub issue.

Thanks & Regards
Jakub & Strimzi team