Re: strimzi for debezium with a managed fafka (eventhub kafka facade)

Jakub Scholz


The Kafka Connect deployment with Strimzi can work independently on the KAfka broker and there are users using Strimzi just for Connect for example with Amazon MSK etc. You would still need to install the Strimzi Cluster Operator as described in all the guides - it is the same operator which is managing Kafka cluster which also manages Kafka Connect. Once you have the cluster operator running, you can just go and deploy KAfka Connect - check this chapter for more details to get you started: (eventually this for a more detailed description of the different options: In the KafkaConnect custom resource, you specify the bootstrap address directly as hostname:port - so you can just point it to your broker (plus you will probably need to configure some auth etc.)

I'm not sure if anyone ever tried it with Azure Event Hub, but I guess it should work.

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On Thu, Jan 2, 2020 at 1:18 PM <alonisser@...> wrote:
I want to use strimzi to deploy debezium with kafka connect and eventhub kafka facade in my aks cluster, All the tutorial I've encountered are about using strimzi to create a kafka cluster (which I don't need)
My question:
1. What components I need to deploy for debezium with a managed kafka ? (users? topics? or does debezium handle that)  
2. How can I control with strimzi what components to deploy
3. How can I provide the kafka connection configuration to the components that need it? 

Thanks for the help!

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