RC1 of EnvVar Configuration Provider 1.1.0 and Kubernetes Configuration Provider 1.1.0

Jakub Scholz

Today, we released the Release Candidate 1 of version 1.1.0 of Kubernetes and EnvVar Configuration Providers:
* Kafka EnvVar Configuration Providerhttps://github.com/strimzi/kafka-env-var-config-provider/releases/tag/1.1.0-rc1
* Kafka Kubernetes Configuration Providerhttps://github.com/strimzi/kafka-kubernetes-config-provider/releases/tag/1.1.0-rc1

Both versions contain updated dependencies, remove support for Java 8 and add support for Java 17.

Any feedback can be provided on the Strimzi mailing list, on the #strimzi Slack channel on CNCF Slack or as a GitHub issue.

Thanks & Regards
Strimzi team