[cncf-strimzi-users] [cncf-strimzi-dev] [ANNOUNCE] New maintainer Jakub Stejskal

Tom Bentley

Congratulations Jakub!

On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 10:05 AM Paolo Patierno <ppatierno@...> wrote:
Congrats Jakub,
very well deserved!

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Subject: [cncf-strimzi-dev] [ANNOUNCE] New maintainer Jakub Stejskal
I'm happy to announce that Jakub Stejskal has become a new Strimzi maintainer.

Jakub has already done a lot of great work on Strimzi:
* He does a great job on the system tests, which are a critical part of the project. Without him I'm not sure we would have any actual system test suite which we could use.
    * He writes regularly new tests and fixes bugs in existing tests
    * He reviews the system tests PRs written by other contributors
* He did all of the work on the migration of the system tests (and builds) to Azure Pipelines
* He is always ready to help anyone who has any issues with tests / system tests or look into any failures
* He is currently the fourth biggest committer of Strimzi operators

@Jakub: Thanks a lot for all the past and future work. It is great to have you here!

Thanks & Regards
Strimzi maintainers team