BYOC multiple client

Binshtok, Edan <edan.binshtok@...>

Hi guys, nice to meet you. My name is Edan and im a developer for AT&T.

I was checking the strimzi repo for a way to allow my different clients to bring their own cert and im missing some parts.(already reviewed

So if you don’t mind helping can you explain/give example of how do I exactly do that?

A) Can i create a new secret for each client – if yes which fields do I need to populate/if not than how do you configure multiple clients in the main client-ca secret.
B) do I need to turn on/off some config in the kafka crd?
C) How does the kafkaUser crd looks like for this setting to work? What do I need to define in it

D) What are the min required details the client need to provide me with, is the ca.crt inaf?

If you have any example you can share I will really appreciate it kind sirs!


Thanks I the advance, Edan Binshtok.