RC1 of Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.32.0 is available for testing

Jakub Scholz

Release candidate 1 of Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.32.0 is now available for testing. 

There are some important changes in this release:
* From Strimzi 0.32.0, we supports only Kubernetes 1.19 and newer!
* Direct upgrade from Strimzi 0.22 or earlier is not supported anymore!

The other changes in this release include:
* Add support for Kafka 3.3.1 and remove support for Kafka 3.1.0, 3.1.1, and 3.1.2
* Update KafkaConnector CR status so the 'NotReady' condition is added if the connector or any tasks are reporting a 'FAILED' state.
* Add auto-approval mechanism on KafkaRebalance resource when an optimization proposal is ready
* The ControlPlaneListener feature gate moves to GA
* Add client rack-awareness support to Strimzi Bridge pods
* Add support for OpenTelemetry for distributed tracing
* ZookeeperRoller considers unready pods
* Support multiple operations per ACLRule
* Add new listener type "cluster-ip" which is using per-broker services instead of the pod DNS names

For more details, all changes and installation files, go to https://github.com/strimzi/strimzi-kafka-operator/releases/tag/0.32.0-rc1

Any feedback can be provided on the Strimzi mailing list, on the #strimzi Slack channel on CNCF Slack or as a GitHub issue or discussion.

Thanks & Regards
Strimzi team