RC1 of Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.31.0 is available for testing

Jakub Scholz

Release candidate 1 of Strimzi Kafka Operators 0.31.0 is now available for testing. The main changes in this release are:
* Support for Kafka 3.2.1
* New Kafka Exporter version (1.6.0)
* Pluggable Pod Security Profiles with built-in support for restricted Kubernetes Security Profile
* Support for leader election and running multiple operator replicas (1 active leader replicas and one or more stand-by replicas)
* New version Strimzi Kafka Bridge (0.22.0)
* Support for IPv6 addresses being used in Strimzi issued certificates
* StrimziPodSet reconciliation metrics

Strimzi 0.31 will be the last Strimzi version supporting Kubernetes 1.16, 1.17 and 1.18!

Any feedback can be provided on the Strimzi mailing list, on the #strimzi Slack channel on CNCF Slack or as a GitHub issue or discussion.

Thanks & Regards
Strimzi team