Strimzi 0.14.0 released!

Jakub Scholz

Version 0.14.0 of Strimzi Kafka Operators and Strimzi Bridge has been released. Thanks to everyone involved in these releases.

The main changes in the operators include:
* Add support for configuring Ingress class
* Add support for setting custom environment variables in all containers
* Add liveness and readiness checks to Mirror Maker
* Allow configuring loadBalancerIP for LoadBalancer type services
* Allow setting labels and annotations for Persistent Volume Claims
* Add support for Jaeger tracing in Kafka Mirror Maker and Kafka Connect
* Add support for deploying Kafka Exporter
* Add initial support for OAuth authentication

For more details and the upgrade procedure, go to:

The main changes in the Bridge include:
* Changed data types and enforced OpenAPI validation for ``, ``and `fetch.min.bytes`parameters on consumer creation. This is a breaking change.
* Added HTTP GET method on `/consumers/{groupid}/instances/{name}/subscription` endpoint for getting subscribed topics and related assigned partitions.
* Added automatic deletion of stale consumer after a configurable timeout if the HTTP DELETE is not called and the consumer is not used for a long time.
* Various bug fixes.