Re: strimzi-bridge not creating consumer in AWS MSK

Paolo Patierno

Yes it is a duplicate. I already asked for details and clarification about what it means "consumer not created" but I got nothing from the user.
Duplicating with an email on the mailing list is not the solution.

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I guess this is a duplicate of So we should stick to the discussion there I guess.

Thanks & Regards

On Tue, Feb 21, 2023 at 7:52 PM <sumanta.mazumder@...> wrote:
Even after testing all version , strimzi-bridge don't create consumer in AWS MSK kafka and there is no error in the log. As per suggestion , I have tested it with mTLS and it is not at all working even though it is able to connect to AWS MSK kafka , Can you please help me with what are the other alternative to create consumer from strimzi-bridge , it is working with cloudera Kafka and want to migrate it to AWS MSK and it is not working with any version 

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