Re: Flink-kafka consume errors.

Jakub Scholz

If your Flink is running inside the same Minikube, I guess you should use the "type: internal" listener for it. Your Minikube seems to map the load balancer to - so I have some doubts it if works the same way from inside and outside your Minikube because in each case, will refer to something else.


On Sun, Apr 10, 2022 at 8:22 PM <raghunittala@...> wrote:

I have installed strimzi kafka on minikube and also flink operator (provided by spotify) on minikube (both are installed on different namespaces). I have done minikube tunnelling and with that, I am able to issue command line kafka commands with localhost:9094 as the bootstrap server address/broker list. I'm able to create the topics, consume from and publlish to with I wrote a sample kafka producer in java that publishes several messages to kafka topic and that is also working fine with "localhost:9094"

When I try to consume from flink, with broker list as "", I end up in below exception:

I'm not able to understand, why with flink I'm not able to consume where in kafka. Here are the pods that are enabled in the kafka namespace:

Can someone help me on this?

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