User Roles

Matt Farina

There are a few, at least, roles that came to mind from the discussion today. The same person could do them but in some larger organizations they may be different people:

  • App Developer - builds the applications and is focused on the business logic of their application. An application could likely be run in more than one environment.
  • App Operator - takes an application and sets it up to operate in an environment. This could be a platform, such as Kubernetes, but also deals with varying environments such as test/QA/prod or varying global locations.
  • Infra Architect - figures out which pieces will be used in the platform. For example, chooses between Prometheus, Monaska, or something else for monitoring. Another example would be to choose storage technologies.
  • Infra Operator - deals with operating the infrastructure day in and day out
Each of these will have slightly different concerns and the decisions on tools to use in each case will be different.

This is inspired by the user profiles we generated for Helm.

Matt Farina

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