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Dan Kohn <dan@...>

I'll start off by suggesting that I think the architecture is largely fine and doesn't need a lot of changes. Rather than wholesale re-arrangement, I would prefer to look at some of the boxes with more items and see if there is a clear way to subdivide them.

"Orchestration & Management - Service Management (26)" is somewhat of a hodgepodge with service meshes (Envoy, Linkerd), messaging (gRPC), and service discovery (Open Service Broker API) all mixed together.

"App Definition and Development - Database and Data Warehouse (39)" is the largest subcategory with 39 but I don't see an obvious further division to do.

"Observability and Analysis - Monitoring (41)" is the largest but I also don't see an obvious breakdown.

I'd also like to consider whether "Cloud - Private (5)" and "Provisioning - Host Management/Tooling (9)" and "Provisioning - Infrastructure Automation (8)" should be combined or re-organized in some way.
Dan Kohn <dan@...>
Executive Director, Cloud Native Computing Foundation

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