11 AM PT Wed call and major landscape changes

Dan Kohn <dan@...>

I have finally implemented the proposed major refactoring we discussed in our last two calls.

We'll be further discussing at 11 AM tomorrow at https://zoom.us/my/cncfrefarch.

Here is the draft:

The major changes are:
+ Splitting Service Management into RPC, Load Balancer, API Gateway, and Service Mesh
+ New Automation and Configuration subcategory through the combination of Private Cloud, Host Management/Tooling, and Infrastructure Automation
+ Renamed Streaming to Streaming & Messaging
+ Renamed Secure Images to Security & Compliance

These changes are not yet final. I'm eager to here alternative suggested categorization, either in reply to this message or on the call tomorrow. In particular, I'd love to hear proposals for breaking up some of our bigger subcategories, like Automation & Configuration and Streaming & Messaging. Also, if there are individual cards that would better fit in a different subcategory, please let us know.
Dan Kohn <dan@...>
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