OpenTelemetry elections: time to endorse candidates!

Ben Sigelman

Hi all,

Per the OpenTelemetry Governance Committee election happening this month, we now have a list of nominees for the four open slots on the committee!

You can see the list of candidates here: 2019 OpenTelemetry Governance Committee Candidates

Request / action item: If you are a "member of standing" in OpenTelemetry (TL;DR "if you are part of the OpenTelemetry GitHub organization), please endorse one or more candidates here:

(NOTE: We are collecting email addresses to enforce one-vote-per-person (along with the GitHub username requirement). No information gathered during this poll (certainly including the email addresses) will be shared outside of the current OpenTelemetry Governance Committee, and we will not use email addresses for purposes beyond this election process.)

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me or anyone else on the governance committee.