Announcing Linkerd stable-2.7.1

Kevin Leimkuhler

Hello Linkerd fans! 🔗

We are happy to account that Linkerd stable-2.7.1 has been released! 🎉

This release introduces substantial proxy improvements, resulting from continued
profiling & performance analysis. Also support for Kubernetes 1.17 was improved.

To install this release, run: curl | sh

Full release notes:

  • CLI
    • Relaxed the clock skew check to match the default node heartbeat interval on Kubernetes 1.17 and made this check a warning
  • Proxy
    • Fixed a bug that could cause log levels to be processed incorrectly
    • Fixed a bug that could cause the proxy's load balancer to stop processing updates from service discovery
    • Removed the inbound router's default capacity to accommodate environments that have a high cardinality of virtual hosts served by a single pod
    • Added request_errors_total metric exposing the number of requests that receive synthesized responses due to proxy errors

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