Announcing Linkerd2 edge-20.4.1

Alejandro Pedraza

Dear Linkerd fans,

We're very pleased to announce that Linkerd2-edge-20.4.1 has been released! 🎉

To install this edge release, run:
curl | sh

This release introduces some cool new functionalities, all provided by our
awesome community of contributors! Also two bugs were fixed that were introduced
since edge-20.3.2.

Full release notes:

  • CLI
    • Added linkerd uninstall command to uninstall the control plane (thanks
    • Fixed a bug causing linkerd routes -o wide to not show the proper actual
      success rate
  • Controller
    • Fail proxy injection if the pod spec has automountServiceAccountToken
      disabled (thanks @mayankshah1607!)
  • Web UI
    • Added a route dashboard to Grafana (thanks @lundbird!)
  • Proxy
    • Fixed a bug causing the proxy's inbound to spuriously return 503 timeouts

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send questions/comments to us on this mailing list, and bugs via GitHub.


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