Brian Smith <br...@...>

Oliver Gould <> wrote:
We've ended up having a bunch of interesting proxy development discussions
in the private Buoyant Slack--mostly plotting out future library needs from
tokio/tower that have resulted in github issues. In the interest of opening
development, I've created so that we can
move these discussions there.

We'll probably want to create additional rooms on Gitter (if we stick with
it--this is just an experiment), but either way it's important to make our
decision making process more transparent.
We shouldn't make decisions synchronously in a chat room, regardless
of the venue. We should make decisions in GitHub issues (preferably)
or here on conduit-dev. In fact, we already had a policy that one
can't make decisions in chat rooms since nobody has ever been required
to be present in any chat rooms. Some people, especially people
outside Buoyant, simply won't be able to participate meaningfully in
chatrooms and making decisions in chatrooms effectively excludes them.

That said, I'm not against having a chatroom as long as decisions
aren't made there and it's effectively a way for people to fine-tune
their GitHub issue comments and/or conduit-dev emails before
submitting them.


Oliver Gould <v...@...>

I totally agree that we shouldn't be making decisions in chat. The result of any meaningful conversation should end up on Github.

My hope is that it's easier for others to get insight into our thought process.  I, personally, frequently want a rubber-ducky programmer to help me refine my thought process, and I find that I learn a lot by watching Carl, for instance, do this. This is the place for that.

Decisions belong in Github.