Announcing Linkerd2 edge-21.3.1

Alejandro Pedraza

Dear Linkerd connoisseurs,
We're very pleased to announce that Linkerd2-edge-21.3.1 has been released!¬†ūüéČ
To install this edge release, run:
curl | sh

This edge release is another release candidate, bringing us closer to
stable-2.10.0! It fixes the Helm install/upgrade procedure and ships some new
CLI commands, among other improvements.

  • Fixed Helm install/upgrade, which was failing when not explicitly setting
  • Added a warning in the dashboard when viewing tap streams from resources that
    don't have tap enabled
  • Added the command¬†linkerd viz list¬†to list meshed pods and indicate which can
    be tapped, which need to be restarted before they can be tapped, and which
    have tap disabled
  • Similarly, added the command¬†linkerd jaeger list¬†to list meshed pods and
    indicate which will participate in tracing
  • Added the¬†--opaque-ports¬†flag to¬†linkerd inject¬†to specify the list of
    opaque ports when injecting pods (and services)
  • Simplified the output of¬†linkerd jaeger check, combining the checks for the
    status of each component into a single check
  • Changed the destination component to receive the list of default opaque ports
    set during install so that it's properly reflected during discovery
  • Moved the level of the proxy server's I/O-related "Connection closed" messages
    from info to debug, which were not providing actionable information

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send questions/comments to us on this mailing list, and bugs via GitHub.