Announcing Linkerd2 edge-21.2.1

Alejandro Pedraza

Dear Linkerd aficionados,
We're very pleased to announce that Linkerd2-edge-21.2.1 has been released!¬†ūüéČ
To install this edge release, run:
curl | sh

This edge release continues improving the proxy's diagnostics and also avoids
timing out when the HTTP protocol detection fails. Additionally, old resource
versions were upgraded to avoid warnings in k8s v1.19. Finally, it comes with
lots of CLI improvements detailed below.

  • Improved the proxy's diagnostic metrics to help us get better insights into
    services that are in fail-fast
  • Improved the proxy's HTTP protocol detection to prevent timeout errors
  • Upgraded CRD and webhook config resources to get rid of warnings in k8s v1.19
    (thanks @mateiidavid!)
  • Added viz components into the Linkerd Health Grafana charts
  • Had the tap injector add a¬†¬†annotation when
    injecting a pod, which allowed providing clearer feedback for the linkerd tap command
  • Had the jaeger injector add a¬†¬†annotation
    when injecting a pod, which also allowed providing better feedback for the
    linkerd jaeger check command
  • Improved the¬†linkerd uninstall¬†command so it fails gracefully when there
    still are injected resources in the cluster (a --force flag was provided
  • Moved the¬†linkerd profile --tap¬†functionality into a new command¬†linkerd viz profile --tap, given tap now belongs to the viz extension
  • Expanded the¬†linkerd viz check¬†command to include data-plane checks
  • Cleaned-up YAML in templates that was incompatible with SOPS (thanks

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send questions/comments to us on this mailing list, and bugs via GitHub.