Announcing Linkerd edge-21.4.1

Kevin Leimkuhler

Hey Linkerd fans,

We have another Linkerd edge release! The latest stable release is stable-2.10.0.

To install this release, run: curl | sh

This is a release candidate for stable-2.10.1! It includes several fixes for the core installation as well the Multicluster, Jaeger, and Viz extensions. There are two significant proxy fixes that address TLS detection and admin server failures.

Thanks to all our 2.10 users who helped discover these issues!

  • Fixed TCP read and write bytes/sec calculations to group by label based off inbound or outbound traffic
  • Updated dashboard build to use webpack v5
  • Modified the proxy-injector to add the opaque ports annotation to pods if their namespace has it set
  • Added CA certs to the Viz extension's metrics-api container so that it can validate the certifcate of an external Prometheus
  • Fixed an issue where inbound TLS detection from non-meshed workloads could break
  • Fixed an issue where the admin server's HTTP detection would fail and not recover; these are now handled gracefully and without logging warnings
  • Aligned the Helm installation heartbeat schedule to match that of the CLI
  • Fixed an issue with Multicluster's serivce mirror where it's endpoint repair retries were not properly rate limited
  • Removed components from the control plane dashboard that now are part of the Viz extension
  • Fixed components in the Jaeger extension to set the correct Prometheus scrape values

As always, we're excited to hear your feedback. Please try the new release and send questions/comments to this mailing list, and report bugs via GitHub.