Announcing Linkerd edge-21.2.3

Oliver Gould

Linkerdudes & Linkerdudettes-

It's my pleasure to announce the latest Linkerd edge release, edge-21.2.3

To install this release, run:

This release wraps up most of the functional changes planned for the upcoming stable-2.10.0 release. Try this edge release in your staging cluster and let us know if you see anything unexpected!
  • Breaking change: Changed the multicluster Service-export annotation from to
  • Updated the proxy-injector to to set the annotation on newly-created Service objects when the annotation is set on its parent Namespace
  • Updated the proxy-injector to ignore pods that have disabled automountServiceAccountToken (thanks @jimil749)
  • Updated the proxy to log warnings when control plane components are unresolveable
  • Updated the Destination controller to cache node topology metadata (thanks @fpetkovski)
  • Updated the CLI to handle API errors without printing the CLI usage (thanks @piyushsingariya)
  • Updated the Web UI to only display the "Gateway" sidebar link when the multicluster extension is active
  • Fixed the Web UI on Chrome v88 (thanks @kellycampbell)
  • Improved install and uninstall behavior for extensions to prevent control-plane components from being left in a broken state
  • Docker images are now hosted on the registry
  • Updated base docker images to buster-20210208-slim
  • Updated the Go version to 1.14.15
  • Updated the proxy to prevent outbound connections to localhost to protect against traffic loops

Oliver Gould <ver@...>