Announcing Linkerd stable-2.9.3

Alex Leong

Dear Linkerd-ers,

We're very pleased to announce a new stable release stable-2.9.3!

This stable release fixes an issue that prevented the proxy from being able
to speak HTTP/1 with older versioned proxies. It also fixes an issue where the
linkerd-config-overrides secret would be deleted during upgrade and provides
a linkerd repair command for restoring it if it has been deleted.

To install this release, run:

Full release notes:
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the inbound proxy to fail meshed HTTP/1 requests from older proxies (from the stable-2.8.x vintage)
  • Fixed an issue where the Linkerd webhooks and apiservices would not refresh their certs automatically when provided externally — like through cert-manager
  • Added missing label to the linkerd-config-overrides secret to prevent it from being pruned during upgrades
  • Added linkerd repair command to restore the linkerd-config-overrides secret if it has been pruned
  • Added port 5432 which is used by Amazon RDS and Postgres to the default list of skipped ports
As always, we're excited to hear your feedback! Please try out the new release and send questions/comments to us on this mailing list, and bugs via GitHub.